A bit about our history

The foundation for the support of population with special needs (PONES) Is a non-profit organization whose main objective is aimed at improving the living conditions of PERSONS IN DISABILITY, through TRAINING, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and SOCIAL MANAGEMENT in the city of Bogota and in rural area of ​​municipality Of Choachí (Cundinamarca).


It is an initiative of Dora Hilda Rincón, who in her experience of more than 25 years of work has perceived the lack of opportunities of this population.


We are a private non-profit organization aimed at promoting the development of social initiatives that respond to the needs of protection, equality, inclusion and recognition of the fundamental human rights of people with disabilities in Bogotá and Choachí.


For the year 2021 PONES will be a foundation that is recognized in Colombia as a leading organization in the promotion of programs for social, economic, ethical, productive and cultural development of the population of people with disabilities – with the aim of improving their quality of life.


Provide educational services, productive entrepreneurship and social management of the population of people with disabilities through activities that allow for their personal development and thereby improve their quality of life.

Carrera 8 # 27 - 28 Sur, B. Veinte de Julio

Bogotá D.C., Colombia

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